patience and birds

patience and birds

   I'm a lucky bastard. Yeah - there is no mistake in what i said. I will explain. Not too far from my living place, just a few kilometers on one of the road to TelAviv, there is a large local dump. It's not necessary to drive to work exactly this way, but i found one curious attraction there - huge amount of seagulls, which arrive here every day in search of food. As usual they are very scattered throughout the space of the dump. The moving excavators and working people frighten the birds and they up in the air here in there, but sometimes this takeoff looks like some nuclear explosion. I tried to be patience and just to wait with DSLR camera in my hands to handle this moment of powerful takeoff.
  And i managed to do it - with the film camera. I'm lucky bastard - yes i'm. Good night  (2:19 AM).

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  1. leave your good self alone, Victor…i can’t wait to see if in fact ,the gulls won’t scare you flat on your butt….when they explode..maybe i’ll visit the beach today all bundled up and see if i can’t scare them up into the sky…but i would never reach your accomplishments in photography, that’s for sure….good luck….and be nice to your self….

  2. Have you ever seen the Hitchcock movie The Birds ? When I was a girl I saw this and this photo would have scared me to death!!! HA! The Film is a Classic Must see and you can see how perfect your photos really display certain aspects of darkness. Irenadawn

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