photography and psychoanalysis


photography and psychoanalysis

  I noticed that lately i loved to find and to take a number of these loaded by details moments.
A large number of items and objects creates very curious pleasure for my eyes. Dots, lines, shapes and curves – huge quantity of everything is like tasty food and i’m eating this food with my hungry brain. I feel that i returned back to the first days of my journey in photography – i loved to find an object and to isolate it within viewfinder, to focus it in, or to blur it out. to move the focusing ring with my fingers, to go close, to move far. To transform and to change the visual form of the object inside the frame, to see the details and to hide them. But instead of the old days – today i’m falling in love with the quantity verging on the absurd. What is it !? I’m sure that one can analyze these creations and to come to the right conclusion…

examples are taken from the album “Analog Photography”

8 thoughts on “photography and psychoanalysis

  1. I think that it is a natural human impulse to see patterns in things, and seek meaning in the patterns. The patterns you show here are all archtypes of a sort. Each has unique qualities that we associate with particular things: bare branches, baked land, barriers, birds in flight, traffic.

    1. Hi Derek ! thank you very much for taking a look and your attention.
      not much agree about the usual seeing – the seeing and perception are always changes during the life and during a day. I trying to think here what exactly changed in my view on what is happening around me :-) and these busy patterns are in my list of favorites !

  2. Victor- if you look at the details as they all come together to form one image in itself that is busy and complicated and also look in spots separately and see smaller complicated collections that are a part of the whole picture constantly moving and moving . The patterns take your thoughts and your eyes everywhere the longer you watch. It is mesmerizing! You can feel the energy drawing you into the constant infinity of its time. Have you ever seen a book of mazes. The study of mazes as patterns goes way back in history. I had a book once that was so interesting about this subject that I let someone borrow. He never gave it back. I will try to find the information. But your photographs are almost like mazes that people wood enter as puzzles to solve. Mazes were made of garden shrubs, stone walls, marble, etc… I will look for more or you can look into history of mazes. That may help your analysis . Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn ! impossible to find better explain for happening here and mazes with a myriad tiny details are moving our attention. thank you !!

  3. Thank you for the link, Victor!! I love especially the birds, the desert and the last one with the heavy traffic….
    Of course I like the others too. But those three are my favorites :)

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