the alive stone of Dead Sea


   I continue my work on the newborn log-portfolio and every day add new functions or make changes in interface . I have finally found the way to leave the landing (home) page clear from posts and now it’s got the look like it was in my initial idea – (try the “Landing” from above and take a look on the full screen slideshow – thank you ! ).
About this image – this stone looks like something that has it’s strong statement, foundation and confidence. This collaboration – negative (film) and statement – feels like great conjunction for me. Or maybe i love to be concentrated on the process of this celluloid representation. ok – bla-bla-bla .    Good night  (2:19 AM).
alive stone of DeadSea film photography, medium format taken with Hasselblad 500cm, Planar 80mm, ilford HP5 400


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  1. I know, I am sorry , this looks like our moon the way everything is spaced. It does not look like our world. In my eyes that is really cool. How you accentuate the rock in front and give such depth to the background. How do you do that? Amazing?

  2. Victor- the photograph on 7/25/14 you call Contemplation is so outstanding. As a child I did my best thinking while I was on a branch of a tree where no one could see me. This looks like you shot from a place like that. Beautiful…

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