unplanned post about my short term plans


unplanned post about my short term plans

hello there. during long time i’m dragging many ideas about my future posts. some of these ideas already partially posted and i need to continue them, some ideas and projects are in the middle of “production” and this will take time to finish and to prepare for publishing here. a few of nearest plans :

do not delete series is one of most popular and commented by visiters of my blog theme. the idea of these posts is do not delete “unsuccessful” immediately during first or second review but to let them to become slightly covered with a dust (even to forget about for a few years) :

unplanned post about my short term plans

two rolls of Velvia 100F color film dated (expired) in 2006 from Barcelona. many umbrellas (these were hot/rainy days) many people and vivid colors multiplied by Velvia, architecture of Barcelona :

unplanned post about my short term plans

continuation of Barcelona tourists and locals :

unplanned post about my short term plans

“successfully” damaged First Bergger Pancro400 roll that i bought in Barcelona and was forced by authority in Barcelona’s airport to take it through the X-Ray machine. someone can explain me what kind of damage could leave these HEAVY traces ??? :

unplanned post about my short term plans

next one is not less popular and by visitors and also my favorite – Ethiopia_Wildeness in black&white and color. i still have a lot of untouched and a little bit dusty (taken in apr 2015) photo-stories from this wonderful country – people, transport, the opening ceremony of a new church in the village close to border with Sudan and other stuff :

unplanned post about my short term plans

my long term project ” the people i met” still in the middle and i hope this will take some time before it will be ready. i had something similar just with absolutely strangers a few years ago – one of the main ideas of this project was approaching absolutely strangers to “pose” for very fast portrait session – just a few (sometimes one) clicks. but this time i take portraits of people whom I more or less know :

unplanned post about my short term plans

and the last for today – a portraits from my modeling sessions with beginners or absolutely non-professional, but wanting to have a photo book, people. during long years of photographing i built small studio at my home – very simple, dynamic and mobile, and happy to work here with people. but this studio is not the only place – actually any location can become a studio like in this sample with Michael :

unplanned post about my short term plans
thank you for the visit ! …

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  1. Nice set Victor. It shows and proves your huge talent. I am a bit surprised about the behavior of the Spanish authorities… I mean, what do they think they will find in the roll…?
    Have a nice day though.

    1. thank you very much Jurgen. i was surprised buy the “high” intelligence of the team of 3 people working on the X-Ray check for my Norvegian air flight from Barcelona – i gave the transparent nylon packet with the new films to the woman managed the traffic of people going through the machine and asked for a manual check. she immediately put it to the running line and said “this is no problem”. after this she asked about the Brass bracelets on my hand – “no bip bip??” so i got everything what is going here. but i know that i I can not judge all the workers there by these ppl..
      thank.you for very kind words Jurgen !

  2. Great stuff Victor. Looking forward to seeing these projects evolve. I’m intrigued by the “Do not delete” series and portraits as they’re the most difficult for me to produce.

    1. hey Yuri ! thank you very much for your feedback ! do not delete is very easy – just put aside the unsuccessful images and check them again after one month, one year or 10 years. portraits is indeed more difficult – approaching is not too easy with a friends and family and absolutely difficult with strangers. but nothing impossible. once low light photography was the most difficult kind of shooting for me so i just wanted to understand it so much so now its my FAV forever ;-))

      1. I do go back to some old images once in a while and rarely find smth v good… has to be smth that really catches my attention. After all, ive only been serious into photography for about 4 years so..

  3. It’s been a while since I stopped by, today I had some time to make a proper visit and leave a comment.. I love the words “but to let them to become slightly covered with a dust” The images all worth for a second look, a deeper look, feeding your imagination by the view, for me that is art, views of the creator catched in an image, leaving room for viewers to fill in their own thoughts..

    1. thank you for taking a look and such kind words Alina !! and now i have another theme to talk about in one of the next posts 😉 and it be about why an artist takes pictures – to feed his/her own needs or to bring something to the visiters. probably everyone use his/her ballance.

      1. Now I feel honoured.. thank you..!! I am looking forward for that post to come. Curious I be for your words to explain/express your art in view, maybe even more curious for the images expressing the post.

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