daily photo – archive – 1

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daily photo – archive – 1

daily photo archive 1 – is the blog-like place for a daily added image, most of these images exhibited only on this page.



yeti – finally i found him. photo of the “Mountain man”, “Almas”, “Bigfoot”, “Chuchunya”, “Grassman” or just Yeti taken during the “Orbital” exhibition by Kristína Chrasteková which took place in Zadik Gallery located in old Jaffa.


yeti_exhibition yeti_exhibition



deconstruction. first in – first out.


deconstruction deconstruction



one day when i’ll become old and powerless, i will borrow this sunny seat for the short time. come here to visit me and to listen to stories from my life.


my_sunny_place my_sunny_place



i put these empty mountains and took a pause for a few days. at the end these crazy days at work will kill me or i’ll survive and become much stronger – exactly like these mountains or like my beloved person, just sitting in her relaxing pose.


pose_of_relaxation pose_of_relaxation




mountains mountains



hard working ants. it’s interesting to document the life of this place and i’ll take a new image of this construction every few weeks, just still nothing changes these days, except for the location of mechanisms.


working ants working ants



don’t look at me – i’m not your food


not_your_food not_your_food



i found this spot today at evening and going to explore it in a coming days a little bit harder. good night.


run_baby_run run_baby_run



exactly what is going in my head.. sometimes… or more often… even right now


chaos chaos



cool job – always so high


high_wash high_wash



exploring around – looking the new and interesting locations for continue of the cinematheque project. This one feels like perfect one. It may bring the feeling of the old entrance to the courtyard – something from the classic movies. Lets wait for someone, who will play the main hero role.


location_for_cinematheque location_for_cinematheque



HaBima National Theater, Tel Aviv. sometimes i see in colors.


abima_theater_telaviv abima_theater_telaviv



hunting for Supernova


hunting_for_Supernova hunting_for_Supernova



the first try and again from the top.
finally i got Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens and started to check possibilities of this creature. i already have a few words to say, but may be later i’ll write down in special article in my blog all what i will have to say


Sigma 35mm - first_try Sigma 35mm - first_try



central exit. the right place to go and not to say goodby.


central_exit central_exit



unnecessary items.
i find them in the routine of my constantly changing days. unnecessary items – days, minutes and moments. sometimes some moments are unbearable long, and sometimes some days are piercing instant.


unnecessary_items unnecessary_items



i missed a few days here – you know why – because i can… my place – my rules. about the daily image – i took it more than year ago, but it’s still very relevant – the spontaneous title, which was in my head this moment was “WTF Art”. I hope that i’m not too cynical ( sounds like i’m very ), but i can imagine this WTF huge canvas in some rich Bank or Law office. They know to estimate and to pay the “right” money to the right people. WTF… i’m sorry, maybe not right mood today, but i decide not to delete my absurd.


wtf_art wtf_art



“bicycles” is very special theme for me – they are exist here and there, they have an ideal forms wheels, they can stand in pairs


port_n_parking port_n_parking



all colors to the street


drying drying



everything is dependable – unnecessary for one, but most overriding for other.


unnecessary unnecessary



to find good location is the half work.


abandoned_location abandoned_location



just scenery – walking, sitting, playing, working in TelAviv


walking_sitting_playing_working walking_sitting_playing_working



to be in the first line. to be integral part of this line. to see everything without any obstacle between you and the main subject of your standing exactly in this specific place. more than this – to be hypnotized so much, that simple and short move forward can be your last move…


train_at_night train_at_night



i still continue my “daily photo” game and have some success to be less or more permanent with my daily thoughts on this page. As said at the top of this page – i trying to choose less artistic but more “directly from life” images, mostly not published on other websites and portfolios. All feedbacks i will happy to have in comments here or via the Say! page.


reflected_colors reflected_colors



I wonder what the birds think about us when they look at the strange compositions created by us in every possible place. Even we are – the intellectual keepers of civilization can scratch the nape and to ask a question – what the hell this open cinematheque is doing here under the sun.


from_the_top from_the_top



i realised myself walking down along the streets of south TelAviv. Almost nothing changing here and i loved to find the same passages and same side streets with green garbage bins standing there and here. Lazy cats and impudent pigeons, sleepy people and merciless sun – hey, i’m happy to see you all.


sunny_passage sunny_passage



water, aqua, voda, akvo, vesi, вода, air, uisce, su, vatten and other translations. thanks to Google Translator


water water



people like a frames of our life movie show. big part of them will flash momentarily and will never return again. what is harder – to lost in time or never to meet ?


passage passage



last days i’m drawn to minimalism. in words, in actions, in food and drinks. in colors and forms, in ideas and thoughts. in subjects which i want to photograph. in images, which i want to post. in themes for conversations and even in amount of the air needed for my breath.


minimalism minimalism



abandoned triptych.


abandoned_triptych abandoned_triptych



last weekend we found this beauteous and colorful, completely empty but full of huge windows and doors location.


closed closed



you can’t stop it.


entrance entrance



great energy for the weekend. more from a stage : onstage


energy energy



some limited possibilities – to feed everyone with one egg, to cover all with one umbrella or to catch all in one day… Epiphany 2013, Israel


shade_for_all shade_for_all



i was in this mood of the exhibition that i visited yesterday. for anyone not be new if I say that perception is exacerbated by hundreds of times when we see the photos printed in large format and hung on the wall.


exhibition exhibition



tonight I visited the opening of the International Photography Fest. as always i felt some very mixed feelings during my walk between images.

excitement…feeling being late…inspiration…desire to create…overflow…uselessness…temporality….


exhibition and inspiration exhibition and inspiration




offseason offseason



great news – day became longer. although when i open my eyes at morning – the sun is already here, but when i leave my work place at evening – i can see the people’s faces. And of course it’s a reason to think about the next project of something shooted after the work hours, another cinematheque

idea :

the_colors_of_maket the_colors_of_maket



and again about simple life – this time the fragment of the Jisr az-Zarqa street. More from this city : documentary photography


simple_life of  Jisr az-Zarqa simple_life of Jisr az-Zarqa



not a tsunami, but still not nice to get this amount to your shoes…


not a tsunami not a tsunami



action of expectation or just waiting


action_of_expectation action_of_expectation



when the life is like zebra


why_does_it_always_rain_on_me why_does_it_always_rain_on_me



carriage in the city. Jafo street at morning.


moving_telaviv moving_telaviv



———–evening in Jerusalem and polyhedral sun.————-


evening_jerusalem evening_jerusalem



how far are you willing to go to get out of your comfort zone ???


out_of_comfort_zone out_of_comfort_zone



just reminder to wash it


car_wash car_wash



golden hour parallel bars.


golden_hour_bars golden_hour_bars



fantastic live performance of the soundtrack from the movie of two street artists: Dede and Latzi by “De Bunker Regime” project.


exhibition_dede_and_latzi_performance exhibition_dede_and_latzi_performance



parallelism even in nature


parallelism parallelism





blurred blurred



isn’t windows are timeless association with HOPE..? and steel bars are associating with loss of freedom..? and windows and bars together..?


windows_and_gratings windows_and_gratings



life is good. whether we will remember it from the next dimension or will be occupied with another routine of another dimension?


life_is_good life_is_good



it was right to stay in rainy TelAviv and to feel this fresh air rinsed by the long time awaited rain. but i chose the way to home, and short shopping before, more exactly some food buying. Bon appétit.


hurry_umbrella hurry_umbrella



roofs, center of TelAviv


telaviv_from_roof telaviv_from_roof



alt_ctrl_del – like universal formula for repair/refresh/relax/re-everything.


alt_ctrl_del alt_ctrl_del



working on my answers for the interview in the blog of one Photography Projects site. relaxed, concentrated but busy.


like_dead_man like_dead_man



simple complexity


simple_grass simple_grass



the form of my thoughts… today… it will be different tomorrow… the fresh wind will change everything… possible it will change… possible it will be…


thoughts thoughts



take your look – there is real life around you and this is much more interesting.


spying spying



curiosity is motor of everything new and modern. when i say this kid and his inconvenient pose, I remembered myself as a child – curious and exploring, looking for treasures and dreaming about American Indians. any sea was too far from me, but the steppe. it was endless and empty – exactly like the sea behind this kid


curiosity curiosity



big brother is watching you… or sister… or someone else.


watching_you watching_you



i’m hunting for the fog. and i found it. at night. at a railway crossing. waited for the night train. burned by the car’s lights. disappeared at the morning.


hunting_for_fog hunting_for_fog



sometimes better to destroy completely then to continue a patching from different sides… and to come up with the new name… and totaly forget what it was from the start… evolutional process is too aggressive for older.


dismantling dismantling



watching the Live streaming from Kiev. Real war, nothing to say. At the same time somebody swims in the private pool in the Caribbean or just relaxing near the small market, leisurely waiting for customers.


ramadan_jisr-az-zarqa ramadan_jisr-az-zarqa



The Mars Volta. (on the photo-Cedric Bixler-Zavala). I was killed by their announcement that the band had broken up. This image taken a few month before the end.
don’t call it a cold war
don’t call it an old war
don’t say it in Russian
don’t say it in German
sing it in broken English
sing it in broken English


the_mars_volta the_mars_volta


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