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  1. my favorites is of the man who is standing at the cash machine, because the light which comes through the fabric of his shirt is magical, the man who carries the boxes loaded onto the handcart because the picture looks like if it’s moving full of vtal mobility (like autoawesome without autoawesome) and the girl with her dog, because of the animals approach into the sun clning itself in the shadow and how the light comes through the hair of the girl’s silhouette. you know, i could go one for every sinle picture, don’t you?

    1. Hey darling ! i love your ability to explain yourself and to talk about the simple moments of life in such good way !
      i can’t to say which one from these 27 is my favorite – i have some feeling to these moments and can’t be objective.
      i’m happy that you loved these images !

  2. Beautiful collection Victor. But we always have some preference. Mine are “Silk road” and “Sunny-race” a real delight.

    1. you’re so right Paul ! there are no ordinary moments especial when we can play with available light and shades !
      thank you very much !

  3. Wonderful Victor Such a feeling for people. The second one of the guy sitting reminds me of the Rodin statue The Thinker Excellent!

  4. Absolutely AMAZING gallery Victor! I love all of these images, but I have to say, my absolute favorite is the third one down on the left… the silhouetted cyclist and the row of squares… it’s such an amazingly strong image. Great lines, terrific shadows. I love it.

    1. thank you very much Shane ! indeed – these blocks are such powerful subject with the heavy forms of the shadows. i should return there for another street scene 🙂

  5. Hi Victor, I like your styl of photography. Ik like to make photos on the street to. and this kind of photos are much better in black and white. (I stole some idears of you for my street photography, hope you don’t mind…) But I am allways a bit carefull with taking pictures of people. I know I may take pictures on the street, but feel a bit reserved about aming at people. But thats something in my nature I think… But looking though the camera make you look difrent to the world around you, don’t you think?

  6. Excellent shots as always, that last one is my favorite! I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, but I’m trying to figure out how to find your latest postings.

    1. Thank you Sam ! I have two kinds of post here – blog posts and static portfolio pages. The pages you can find from the menu by names of themes and the weekly posts in the “log” blog place. Plus everything is cataloged by categories and tags. Hope this will help a little bit 😉

      1. Thanks Victor, it does! You have amassed an outstanding collection of work and sometimes I don’t know where to begin. But thanks for clarifying that, I will try until it becomes clear 🙂

        1. Thank you very much. I saw that you posted the new blogpost. Interesting to read about Leica. I’m in vacation now at Red Sea but have flight back at evening so will have some time to read !!

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