documentary photography

documentary photography – observing the lifestyles of the local dwellers. series of photographs are taken during my first visit to Bedouin villages with sheep market and Jisr az-Zarqa.

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  1. mikhail585

    Pleas,tell clear:Whath do you seen?

    • Victor Bezrukov

      what do you mean Mikhail ?

  2. Baha Abd

    Amazing shots Victor, could you please put description, brief or location for each picture.

    • Victor Bezrukov

      a bit crazy work .. may be i’ll write some post with explain about :-)
      thank you very much !

  3. rahma

    C’est très beau mais triste. C’est une population marginalisée. J’espère que l’homme arrêtera d’être un con.

  4. gayathc

    is this kinds of candid photography..?? rather than documentary…


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