documentary photography

documentary photography – observing the lifestyles of the local dwellers. series of photographs are taken during my first visit to Bedouin villages with sheep market and Jisr az-Zarqa.

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  1. mikhail585

    Pleas,tell clear:Whath do you seen?

    • Victor Bezrukov

      what do you mean Mikhail ?

  2. Baha Abd

    Amazing shots Victor, could you please put description, brief or location for each picture.

    • Victor Bezrukov

      a bit crazy work .. may be i’ll write some post with explain about :-)
      thank you very much !

  3. rahma

    C’est très beau mais triste. C’est une population marginalisée. J’espère que l’homme arrêtera d’être un con.

  4. gayathc

    is this kinds of candid photography..?? rather than documentary…

  5. irenadawn

    Victor- such a favorite album of mine! These photos show some of your best work! This is good documentary work. No need to explain except place and time you were there for that inquisitive man above. The people and children tell stories by their actions. They show emotions by what you capture through your lens. I want to buy photo of the smiling little girl that I said resembled me a tiny bit when I was young. Then with it I want a picture of the children acting silly in a group. I do not think these are on Redbubble site. What do I do? I also want the picture of little boy called ” I See The Music” and ” The Bulgaria” . I will have to save to get them . I can’t get them all at once but the boy is not on Redbubble anymore either. Just tell me what I need to do ? Thank you very much … Irenadawn


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