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documentary photography

documentary photography – observing the lifestyles of the local dwellers. this album includes photographs taken during visits to various unpopular and non-tourist residential areas of Israel as well as some of the political events in the center of the country. it is not my idea of ​​agitation or political explanation.


First series of photographs taken during my first visit to Jisr az-Zarqa. Jisr az-Zarqa – the Arab town in Israel that is located almost in the middle of the country. I visited this small town with the group of other Israel’s photographers with an idea to document the life of the people of this town.



Bedouin sheep market is special place and must-see event, especially before the Muslim religious holidays.
tense atmosphere created by high prices for sheep and the complete absence of the female half of the population. the second part of this day was spent in a few bedouin villages, where the atmosphere was much more hospitable. as well as in Jisr az-Zarqa, children and young people make up a large part of the population.



Political demonstrations are very frequent phenomenon in Israel by reason of democracy and freedom of speech (ok, almost complete freedom of speech).



17 thoughts on “documentary

  1. C’est très beau mais triste. C’est une population marginalisée. J’espère que l’homme arrêtera d’être un con.

    1. actually you can say this about every population and nation – for example all the population in Europe. do not you see the similarities?

    1. i always feel i i lost myself in terms. documentary photography – is photography that documenting life, and moments.. so, why not ?

  2. Victor- such a favorite album of mine! These photos show some of your best work! This is good documentary work. No need to explain except place and time you were there for that inquisitive man above. The people and children tell stories by their actions. They show emotions by what you capture through your lens. I want to buy photo of the smiling little girl that I said resembled me a tiny bit when I was young. Then with it I want a picture of the children acting silly in a group. I do not think these are on Redbubble site. What do I do? I also want the picture of little boy called ” I See The Music” and ” The Bulgaria” . I will have to save to get them . I can’t get them all at once but the boy is not on Redbubble anymore either. Just tell me what I need to do ? Thank you very much … Irenadawn

    1. Hey Jos ! thank you for the visit !
      you’re right – Netherlands should be absolutely interesting – to talk with real Netherlands citizens, to walk and to drive from village to small city and to breath the fresh Air ! on my map for sure !

  3. Wonderful series, both the arab village and the demonstrations for free speech..very topical …some gems amongst them , my favourite being the photo of muslims praying and the young boy peeping somehow from under his arm at what is happening behind.
    Love the quality,use of light, vision. humanity and processing (or lack of it) of your photos in this series. Top notch stuff.

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