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  1. Brillante maestro, cada día lo admiro más como un pigmeo a un coloso, que eres por la elocuencia plástica de tus fotos.Felicitaciones desde el fin del mundo Argentina.

  2. Tenerte por estos lares sería maravilloso, puede que la providencia te envíe y yo sepa que llegas y pueda conocerte personalmente, mil gracias por tus imágenes.

  3. I really love the soft subtle lighting in the Monochromatic Nature album here. It is one of my favorites I will definitely want to learn to use in pot graphing the little town in the countryside of my Mamma’s home. I liked the rainy blurr Monochromatic that was on g+ , but it is not on here for me to study. It is perfect. Good night …

  4. These maybe some of my favorites. The grasses in wind is so soft and lovely, yet to bend them that way suggests a strong wind. Not so soft. The very first of the trees at the top of the page is a meditation all on its own. Finally the second to the last. The bent tree tops in a Wild Sky. Another worth meditating on. Beautiful work.

    1. Photography is kind of meditation for me so part of my works are looks like i guess 😉 thank you for this careful attention

      1. I also wanted to add that yes, photography is very much like meditation. A friend got me into photography the summer before last. I was having a difficult time and he noted that you can’t be in any other moment than this “now” moment when taking a photograph. Even when you are shooting multiple frames in rapid succession and have no idea what you caught, you are still wholly engaged with you the observer, the camera and the subject. Likely even more so than someone meditating. A photographer is attentive to even the slightest shifts in time and light. They aren’t talking to themselves about the last shot either. They are standing in a very immediate moment to capture it. Not all that different than Merlin casting a spell. So yes, photography most definitely qualifies as a form of meditation, IMHO.

  5. Great pics! Photographing nature in black and white makes for an interesting challenge. It changes how one approaches the image and different elements (e.g. contrast, light) are emphasized, sometimes creating a vastly different ‘story’ or mood.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Angelina ! For me photography (not only nature) is more that photographing just objects or moments but also creating some unteresting geometry within the frame ! So, colors are not my best friends in terms of geometry 😉

  6. I new here and recently found your collection on google plus you have your own unquie style that is very different from other photographers. your works are very wonderful.thanks for sharing

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