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  1. How do i cinematheque photography? Is there a special lens i need, a technic in photo editing or something like that? I would be pleased if you have some advice, a tutorial, something i should read or kind of that.

  2. It takes skills to take the moment exactly how your eyes sees…I like tonality of color on this album , the relationship between sharp and blurred, and I think contrast creates a strict strength which gives reality of pics…very nice, greetings!

    1. thank you for this link ! i hope that they will get enough money for this project and i’ll have this wonderful lens
      but for this effect no need some special vintage lens … this weekend i will write the new post with a few tips how to get this effect with regular gear 🙂
      thank you very much !

    1. there is only one taken with 50mm 🙂 but this lens still great for this project just less distance compression !

  3. Outstanding! Looking forward to seeing more of this series. Your take on street photography resonates here.

    1. thank you very much for taking a look !
      i’m planning to continue this series – welcome to return and to check it again !

  4. 🙂 must have been a pretty big, tall dog—
    how come all pictures in living colors?
    I was always under the impression that dogs see black-and-white only.
    Can anybody help me to see things straight? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you very much for this feedback !
      the colors looks very living because of the time of day when i take pictures for this project ! as usual it around 18:00-20:00 in summer time – so light is very soft, clear and not harsh. I use 135mm lens for almost all images – this long lens help me to compress the distance and to create this cinema look…
      About the dog’s vision or seeing.. i don’t thing that someone can help us to see in the same colors but possible to see exactly how they take attention on objects around them.. for example – with Googe glass for dogs :-))

  5. i love the look and i now, understand the techniques that behind your pictures…years ago, all we had was one room darken completely somewhere in the apartment, working with chemicals etc. hanging it over our heads…this concept , today, Victor blows me away…old time school…left in the dark so to speak….but i always have gravitated to your work..there is a reason i suppose, tour ethics in your line of work…is exceptional…please forgive me in my pass posts….ive err” a few times with you….looking forward to your work, Victor, be well.

  6. I just love the colours, tones and hues of these images. Is there a Lightroom preset you possibly can share for achieving this effect?

    1. Thank you for taking a look !
      i’ll export one for you and will post to your mail or will publish a link to the preset here

  7. Great photos Victor – are they stills taken from a video project, or are they photographs you composed?

    If they are videos, I find it incredible that the depth of field is so thin

  8. Thanks – The 135mm is a fantastic lens.

    I found this page through an online photography forum (I believe someone posted it on dpreview.com asking how to recreate your shots)

    1. Yes – 135 is wonderful, i don’t use it every day and prefer the 50mm to have attached, but sometimes when the light is a bit lower and i want to be closer, 135 just makes the work. i saw that all this traffic is coming from this site but was unable to find the post in forum.
      thank you very much for the reply !

  9. Victor, these images are just absolutely stunning! Amazing composition, the points of view are fantastic. You turn the every day into feasts for the eyes. If one day I can shoot photos even half as wonderful as these, I will be very happy. Thank you for visiting and following my blog – I am incredibly honored.

    1. Hey Stacy ! thank you for taking a look and for the kind words !
      your blog and photography very beautiful – good place to find great inspiration.
      have a great day !

  10. Beautiful mastery of cinematic toning. I sometimes play around in that area as well but I am not always successful…….nor consistent 🙁 But you have definitely mastered it 🙂

    1. i’m working on continuation of this project these days. hope to add some interesting and cinematographic moments !

  11. i am browsing through your blog back and forth for some time now, read here and there, count my favorite pictures and thoughts, but seriuously this is my favorite post and my in my humble opinion the best project you are running (besides the behind the movie set thingy). breaking the rules is what common “street photography” really needs to survive as a genre over times, i think. not only you and me are tired of people looking scaed into the camera, not only you and me are bored by hundreds of pictures showing people doing nothing but sitting or going while wearing bags and shoes, not only you and me are annoyed by the self-declared rules self-declared street-photography-gurus give workshops on in order to create more self-declared street photographers following THE RULES that make no sense but uniformity. this is why i love this project of cinemateque. it doesn’t only create wonderful scenes and tells many stories in beautiful colors and moods but it is also an hommage to those people who take pictures (not to say photographer, a term that more and more becomes ironic in my mind) who still have a warm feel and respectful sympathy for their subjects no matter if they are humans, animals, trees, chairs, coffee cups, cars or what ever. thanks for that, hon. darling 🙂

    1. Hi Trill ! thank you for this surprise – the visit and such kind comment. Google Analytics said me that you’re in Munich right now 🙂
      you’re so right about the street photography and top interest of photographers to this genre. yesterday i had some interesting discussion about this on Twitter – this discussion was around the Article “Bad street photography and the insane street photography quote of the day…” http://www.chuckjines.com/insane-quote-of-the-day/ .. i don’t like that it was written with the samples on specific known to us photographer… but in whole – he is talking about the same – lost feeling of the street ( empty or full of ppl, but empty of emotions and life). it’s endless discussion 🙂
      thank you again for this visit sweety !

  12. Victor, can’t say enough about these shots, you’ve captured the essence of the streets superbly! Great mood and some brilliant compositions, I especially love the old lady with a cigarette, fishing, and the background of a guy on a bike! I’m partial to b&w, but these color shots are fabulous. Great work, as always!

    1. Hey Sam ! thank you for taking a look ! right now i found that posted this page more than one year ago – time is running fast.
      actually some time ago i took some additional shoots with idea to continue this series but stopped right now and doing different things, but sure i;’ll return back to my cinematheque !

      1. Hi Victor, I think the cinematheque theme is great, hope you do more in this series. Actually, there is so much to see on your pages that I could get lost sometimes. Great photography!

    1. Color photography is not my great side and i only shoot in color when i definitely need it and cant see the moment without but in everyday photography i absolutely can live without ! Thank you for the kind words

  13. Simply outstanding and inspiring for me. You know i like this style. I take it with with the 85mm F1/1,4 and open aperture. Finally let me say i like your motives and your view to the world. Great 🙂

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