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daily photo

daily photo - is the blog-like place for a daily changing image, most of these images will be exhibited only on this page.

due to the rapid growth, this page become very slow in loading. the older posts you can find with the link : daily photo archive

and daily photo - archive - 1


first rain in Tel-Aviv Autumn-2016. yea I was waiting for these drops from the last spring. welcome falling from the sky water, welcome back.



my waiting tree - it's cutted and can't wave me with it's branches in a usual friendly way.



the window can be a hope. the window can be a frame of a limitation. the window can be a key for the nice view. the window can be just window.



unmasked/uncovered/unhidden/declassified by wind



should i add something speechable and hearable to this look ? can i explain the feeling that i get when i'm watching on this collage ? can i express it with this image without some sort of "bla-bla" ? only "yes" or "no" is good enough for the complete answer ?



sitting in the car and have no power to open the door and to go home. there are days and there are DAYS. this one was filled on an emotional level. in a few minutes started rain began it's dripping and i continued to sit and to wait for the pause. my umbrella was near me.



long time as usual



empty streets of Tel Aviv - the city that never stops. TelAviv looks and feels different these days. looks more like Jerusalem. rare passers, often on bicycles, less tourists. people look back at passers-by - distrust and uncertainty. where are we going ?

when i returned back to my car - i found these yellow mailboxes. something drew my attention. may be this popping YELLOW ? and now i discovered "The Meanings of Yellow"

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum. It’s the color that captures our attention more than any other color. It’s the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring. Lurking in the background is the dark side of yellow: cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and madness. and also - "Furthermore, yellow is the color of caution and physical illness"



some long time i wasn't here and missed so many changes happened here. as usual busy at road and around.



i'm driving very close to this new mosque in Jaljulia a few times every week and every time when i see it i think about to go closer at weekend. i did it last weekend and even found this empty location in front of the Mosque. i tried to find any info in Google but nothing - no pictures or name of this new construction. i'll search deeper.



during last two weeks i worked on some personal project, not in massive push but here and there from time to time, when i really have idea and when i have some time to spend on realization. i checked the results today. I did not like what I saw. i deleted the part of taken. i'll continue my work. it's ok to not to be agree with yourself.



my hands on the Lensbaby Composer again. i got some idea about short (a few days) photography project taken with this dreamy lens. partially finished but hope to get some more ideas until the weekend when i'll be ready to post my results. using Lensbaby is always inspiration and run on high creativity level. but lets wait until the end ..



i probably know where i'll find myself tonight. i know already where i was last night. but tomorrow? i have no idea. the most working rule for me - open your eyes and you will see something interesting. i found this new boxing club during my walk in the old Jaffo.



can you see the invisible actor of this night theatre ? me also...



is not worth to say anything...but seems like i have idea for the new project.. i need some time to think about... and then ... some time to enter the right mood for doing... the life in stripes... sounds good...



possibility to say does not mean that i'm going to use it everytime when i have ability to do it...



i went out from the lecture about photography and Art with the angry mood. this happens to me absolutely rare and this time i even stood up and left the auditory in the middle of the lecture. but something interesting - i was happy to disagree and to get the unstoppable desire to photograph something chaotic like the thoughts in my head...



when perception is going down, i shoot the life around me without any connection to some visible subject or theme. sounds stupid because in every absolutely disconnected photo there is the visible connection to something...



the furniture store - it's closed but life still rages here. these fishes look on us from the cozy aquarium where the free food just falls from heaven and don't understand our hysteria.



night life shooting is my special love. high density contrasts and shadowed places, unusual spots created by street lamps, isolated scenes and concentrated people. i feel like night mushrooms picker. come one mushrooms to my net.



center of TelAviv. night before the votes 2015. something bright in hopes. but i remember that in the deep background i was sure that everything will remain the same. hopeless, helpless and timeless... like this tree on the front of supercolorful and supermodern showcase. these both just hate each other but learned to manage their coexistence - for bad and for good.



if our closest friends - cats and dogs sometimes look at us like at strangers arrived from another planet, so what do think about us an aliens? no matter what and it wasn't the theme of my post today. and actually there is no theme, just an image and a few not connected words. although i wanted to say something, i lost the chain of sentence and and found myself looking like this four-legged friend - who are you and what you want ?



i hate to cooperate and love to cooperate. it's always depend on my mood. cooperation with strangers during my walks is the best pleasure, so i do often as possible. this guy just posed for her - it was two snowman in the same pose, something like winner or help me - but cool performance, so i asked him to stay in the same pose a little bit more time and of course he got my photographer business card to be in touch with me. i sure he will enjoy the result.



seems like "high contrasts" is in my mood today. i really hungry for high contrasts in terms of photography, but absolutely overdosed in the everyday life and news routine.

i started my day with the flight crashed in Taiwan river. it was crazy video shooted by the dashboard road camera. a few minutes after this - Jordanian pilot burned alive by ISIS military group of terrorists. OMFG. and the last (i hope) 8 women killed, over 20 others injured in major road accident in south Israel. the last one happened yesterday but i found the news about only today. so what is our life and how low the price of?



the road was misty and mystical. thick air absorbed all sounds. the vehicles around seemed like sailing boats. i drank this air without any glass and felt like thirst sated me and left alone between the misty night groves. next time i'll take with me some big reservoirs and will stay with this feeling for a few more days. an interesting question - can i have some stock of happiness and relaxation and to use them by the need ?



lost in midnight lights



reconstruction... reconstruction ??? reconstruction !!!.



shooted a few hours of the "behind the scenes" for the second season of the popular in Israel TV series "Shtisel".



yes, also here i jumped from 2014 to 2015. i don't have the new year resolutions - i have everything what i want and wll continue what i did in the previous year. boring - possible. but our life is full of surprises and crazy things happens even without deep analysis.



like in the good times, despite the heavy shower that ended just few minutes ago and ready to start again every next minute, i took some time to explore the wet and cold streets in searching of light and reflections. everything was shiny. i was tired after the long work day. but my camera was hungry and relentless.



after the walk in Haifa and visiting hag hagim haifa 2014, when i finished my limit of the taken "film" i find this light on the nylon wall of the roadside greenhouse near the Fureidis arab village. the temptation was so big and i parked the car near the road, deleted one of the old images and took this sunny and dreamy one.



i had more works for the recent "catch the light" post, but desided to not include a few of them and just to hold them for the daily posts. these olive trees were glowing with all the raindrops on the leaves.



heavy rain at night, extremely sunny morning and this picture i found from my base offices window at 13:15. i was in doubts to take my jacket or just to stay with t-shirt but decided right for the jacket and even umbrella that i put in my car. I write these words now with the loud accompaniment of the rainy and thunderous orchestra behind the window.



bold and viral.



the strong wind and flying stuff of the Druzes street market. i'm working on the new Photo essay about.



i took this photograph from the old and destroyed Google israel campus floor 26 in Electra building. i found the doors not closed and despite the prohibiting signs, i entered this place. that this floor will be Waze's floor and the busy traffic seeable from the windows will inspire them to keep the application on the same great level as it. two builder entered the floor and asked me what i do there. after the short conversation one of them said that staying here is forbidden to outsiders. i said OK.



black friday like explosion.



i visited the opening of the "Ohad Matalon: Photo Op" exhibition in Museum of Art in TelAviv. fantastic idea of the preparing for exhibition exhibition. the "show" will be open and active 2 months during which everyday will be printed and exhibited a few additional works.

. photo_op_exhibition_telaviv_museum_art  


why a photographer take all these photographs ? why a photographer have to show all these photographers to the mass? it's not enough to take and not to show ? like to think and not to say ? like to write and not to read aloud ? i started my photography journey just for me. but i don't show my results personally to me anymore. just thoughts.... aloud.

.   simple-empty  


the power of emotions is unlimited.

.   emotions  


he has some cameras for sale, but mostly he is looking for the old interesting cameras for his collection. i promised him to visit his small story in the center of TelAviv just to sit together and to talk about his cameras. this camera in his hand is his last acquisition, i have no idea about the name of this camera. may be next time i'll switch my memory to be more "remembeble".

.   old_cameras_collector  


after some not planned pause, i continue with my everyday (or everynight) thoughts in photographs. today on the way to home i spent a little time in a traffic jam. it was completely standstill one without any visible reason. was a bit rainy. the drops sparkled in the clean air and shine with all colors on the windshield of my car. clicks relax.

.   night_dance_and_traffic_jam  


no ADs

.   coca-cola thinker  


yom kippur is over and only empty plastic chairs remind us about...

.   after_yom_kippur  


the best choice of the right wall for the viral parking. one of her/his parents is definitely designer. or both.

.   super_colors  


i always find this shopwindow of the music instruments story of the Dizengoff center in TelAviv like place with the power of magnetism. I want to touch every one of these guitars and to create something like "dum-dum-duuuum-dum-dum-duduuum - Smoke on the waaateeer !!!"

.   dreamy_place  


you scared the customers and passersby but not me. very curious which Radio-Electronic secret hide you on this table of the dead bodies ??

.   boqueria_market_barcelona  


to look for something but to find something absolutely different

.   clean_night_TelAviv  


i was with the short visit in Barcelona exactly on the day of Catalans march for independence. Viva Catalonia, yellow flags fit your face !

.   catalonian_vday_demonstration_barcelona  


i was on my way to find some opening of Art exhibition, instead of exhibition i found them playing. his attempts to catch the ball were catastrophic, even his dog was wondered how huge the hole between his hands. in a few minutes after an observation of the unsuccessful game, I discovered the LIGHT. but this is another story for the next day.



also faces.. the happy ones..



some windows like people. curiosity just pushed me to look inside and to see the story of the real life...



everything has another side, even the street gallery exposition of the Flea market. Actually this place has some big and dark "another side" but nobody hides it or deny its existence.. some night philosophy...



these yellow hosepipes - will drag me inside of their media manufacturing industry. fill my brain with the demented drivel and spit me out, ready to fight for this deep bullshit. good night.



the life of street through a plastic cups and a hole between them.



something pushed me out of sweet sleep at two at night and after half an hour of unsuccessful attempts to sleep i returned back here - to my long term project with codename "the regular family" that i started last week. i have the first series of images edited and catalogued. everything looks nice, but i miss some scenes for the full story.



morning light in my kitchen.



the night scenery



5km from the Gaza territory. This gateway is the main entrance to one of the Kibbutzes located too close to the line of fire. The killing pastoral.



nice to have some.. better to have a lot...



light is everything even in an abandoned office.

  stripes in theoffice  


the war is also in the heaven - dualism is still legal when the rules of duel are respected



not a bad idea to have a kite.



yesterday i visited this night club in the center of TelAviv. my first time here and the last one, i hope. even the beer was only from this company.






TelAviv today. Distorted by different opinions and sentiments.



how the HIT of Iron Dome System looks. It looks like silver cloud, a little bit round, bushy and arising out of nowhere. this immersion in appearance has nothing to do with a mortal danger. it's like poisonous flower - colorful and fragrant - attracts your opinion to yourself, but in the last moment resets on you fragments of the iron billet, falling from the sky to his victim.

  how the HIT of Iron Dome System looks like  


my mom know to adopt the correct posture on the fast road 4 when the missiles were destroyed by the Iron Dome system almost over our head - i saw the 3 clouds of an exact hit and after minute very deep booms.



My first experience to shoot "behind the scenes" for the feature-length movie Land of the Little People directed by Yaniv Berman. Filming underway despite the very hot days and ongoing war with big amount of missiles and alarms.



Israelis light candles in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square, as the memory of the of three killed abducted teenagers. July 01.2014.



chaos is life ? or life is chaos ? there is a difference or almost same meaning ?



what my backyard can say about me ? and your about you ? can we replace our backyards and to get different personality ? at least for a short period of time ? why ?



clean your mind, deeper if possible



boundaries, constraints, restrictions and limitations. looks like we love them and if no one pushes them to us - we know to create and to encircle ourselves with this stuff. YO



strangers are the most interesting part of my photowalk time. to ask someone for the portrait or to be asked by strangers for the spontaneous photo - it's always great for practice and connection with people. I always ask my strangers for the email or give them my business card with the goal to send them their photo. Sometimes i don't get the reply and tormented in guesses - this "stranger" just very busy to check the mailbox or don't like the results.



some colors..



today my mission is incomplete..



to see the life in blur is joy - and blurred at speed - only double the pleasure. This weekend was fast like this midnight car behind my garden gate.



again about simplicity of our life and complexity of our perception of it. These desert flags are the best explanation how far we can go with our love to facilities.



great to remember this music in cave - totally Indie, absolutely live.



Dear Civilization. This is the right time to reinvent the wheel again. Thank you. Your Humanity.

  reinvent the wheel  


night windows are like other universes - everyone has it's specific atmosphere and life inside the walled space.



long time no see. i need some breakthrough - in my life and in my Art. the last weekend was one loooong down in everything. if to think about life like about zebra - nothing special not happened - white stripe, black strip, white stripe, black strip. But if to think about life like about one continuous black hole ? ok, i need some breakthrough.


due to the rapid growth, this page become very slow in loading. the older posts you can find with the link : daily photo archive

and daily photo - archive - 1

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88 Replies to “daily photo”

    1. Hey Vili ! he fixed but was happy to be seen like many ppl love to get interest and attention
      thank you for the feedback !

    1. Axel ! Your visit and feedback are priceless ! thank you very much !
      i have some huge amount of photographs that I will not publish in other places ( or may be part of them ) – so this is the place !

  1. Victor, I’m enjoying your posts. Each of them deserves a 2nd and even 3rd look as there are new treasures to be found. For example, in the photo where the man with the clasped hands looks away from the camera; this is echoed in the image of the little girl. Perhaps a coincidence, but you must have been aware of it at the time or later, and this may have influenced your choice of this photo or the way you cropped it. Or maybe you didn’t notice it. But that has often been my experience….. viewers finding interesting details in my photos that I have overlooked, and finding special meaning or delight in them..

    1. Thank you Derek for taking your look and such precise study. i really appreciate every feedback and will try next time to look more accurate what is going at background.. actually i doing it every time and in street moment the beauty is all what create the moment.. thank you again !

  2. Two umbrellas! What a luxury. I believe you’ve got the second one for free from the shop you took the photo and publish it on the Internet. 😉

    1. nothing like this ! i paid the same 50 Shekels = $15 !
      but i never had two umbrellas before ! and now i have this luxury to lost one !!
      have a good day my friend !

  3. Victor, suas fotos e seus comentários são excelentes , enquanto passeava os olhos por elas parecia que eu estava com voce vendo tudo aquilo que voce descreveu, obrigada por este lindo passeio …parabéns, abraços

  4. Wow! so many memories you have captured so vividly! I was walking through the Carmel Market at the end of the day just a few months ago – did I think to take a photo? No, just rubbish!! Now seeing your picture evokes such memories such moments in time, who I was with, our conversation, even what I was feeling at that moment as we walked together. So much more meaningful that a ‘visitor’ shot of some famous landmark or other. Wonderful x

    1. Hi Eva ! happy to know that you familiar with the Carmel Market. you’re so right about photography, real moments and our memories. What is looks like rubbish in real may looks like sweet memories on photo after a few days or years ..
      thank you very much for the kind words !!!

  5. Pingback: waiting_for_summer
  6. Tus fotos me hacen soñar en la lejania … Recuerdos hermosos inolvidables regresan a mi memoria, y
    que hacen que los latidos del corazon se aceleren y me hagan inevitablemente, llorar de felicidad. Gracias Victor Bezrukov.

  7. Dear Photographer, thanks for this photo blog but a few sentences in front of each are true pearls…you easy add a bit of atmosphere in which pics were designed. Thank you so much for all of this …

  8. I think you photos capture you allot. you go into depth with it while still keeping it simple. is there anyway i can get more information about you?

  9. April 11, 2014

    AMAZING! Just when I think you have everything PERFECT , you surprise me with a few additions or adjustments and the magical art from your soul is altered to unimaginable proportions!!!! What you add in subtle comments from your sincere heart about your art brings your photos as a personal part of you to others . People desire this relationship with an artist at this time of isolation and sadness more than ever. No one likes to feel alone, no one wants to stay in the ever present violent world of barbarians with lack of love and respect for others. People want to or NEED to learn more to be tolerant . They may be missing new and interesting people and experiences . People need your insight of memories , happy faces, lovely views, tricks that entertain our minds with mysteries. Your photos may just make me think of these things , but even if that is so, I still love the greater gift I feel about your humanity you share in your photos. I have never seen or met a photographer as you. Even if you are millions of miles away. Thank You very much , Victor

  10. April 22, 2014
    Victor- I wanted to comment on this album for awhile . Your photos are so BRILLIANT ! This album included some of my favorites that you commented on that were special. I had made my mind up to write about my very favorite shot taken on 4/17/14 but you had such a funny photo posted today! I had to say for 4/21/14 BRAVO FOR CINEMA UNDER THE SUN!!!! I laughed so very much at the though of the bird universe balancing on wires above and questioning we CRAZY HUMANS ! They are ” human watching ” as we ” bird watch ” ! HA! Victor , did you arrange these chairs into parallel madness ? No, I am sure this is just another example of you the LUCKY street photographer ! Your photographs express human expression and compassion of all types, they show sadness, joy, routine life, and humor too! Magnificent!
    I hope the next day will bring you another favorite – Irenadawn

  11. Victor- I have decided to go ahead and say one more thing . I hate the picture of modern art in your Daily log ! I understand why you feel the way you do. It is COLD!!! It means nothing. Why do people pay for that? A beautiful photograph of artistic feeling in a large piece is just as modern , and contemporary for an office, but it is not cold and people WILL feel the warmth of a business atmosphere with photographs on the walls rather than that cold crap. Our hospital has lovely photographs of places from all over our Beautiful Southern City showing people, places and love. This makes for a much happier place for loved ones to heal. It helps to calm you while you wait. People who buy art with no heart or meaning are just using others or misusing a talent. You are very well respected as a professional artist. I have followed your photography since I joined G+. I would love to own anything I could afford you may sell. I would love it if you would publish a book. An art book , with just pictures and your explanations of your travels. Sincerely, Dawn Irene

  12. I have a surprise birthday present I posted on my blog in honor of your artistic influence. Thank you for setting such a great example of patience, perseverance , and determination as you continue to learn and perfect your artistic gift. It has been an inspiration to me. Sincerely, Dawn

  13. Виктор, настолько впечатляющие работы!!! Тебе обязательно нужно провести свою выставку.

  14. 5/5/14 the photo captures the sense of motion and depth very well! I love the style of these older buildings. They have really nice geometrical features and the nostalgic feel of not saying goodbye is felt. ” I will return again to this familiar place!” I am a very happy girl! I purchased both of your books . I can really study the pictures now. I also can buy prints on deviantARTS.com , right. The prints will look lovely in my office at home. I just have to decide what to put together . People or nature??? Thank you my friend for your example of hard work when you have a love of doing something and also love to continue to learn . You have a very kind and caring soul. Passion for your Art always produces the most perfect work.
    Sincerely I thank you for your influence again, IrenaDawn
    Now to study and practice everyday – hard work ahead!!!

    1. hi there Irena !
      thank you for loving my photography books and purchasing ! i’m sure that you’ll love the quality and hope the content.
      if you really thinking about the prints, visit my active online print service profile : http://www.redbubble.com/people/stran9e and not Deviantart..
      Deviant is not updated .. i finished use it long time ago..
      have a great time

  15. Your daily photo posted on 5/12 which you say you exactly feel sometimes, I do relate to this image right now very much! My mind is so frustrated and confused . I sometimes get this way and as you say JUMP but not in a happy way. I jump to conclusions or assume that I am just so CRAZY !!!! With all of the thoughts going through my head. This is a great picture and I do not know where you found the subject. Please forgive me Victor. Maybe my WordPress is not set correctly or maybe my ISP is still not working well since my modem is replaced. I live in the country!!! We do not even have a regular ISP server out here like AT&T!!! LOL! If you ever visit Mississippi you will see how rural this area can be. But, it is very Beautiful here and I want so much to learn to take pictures of my area, my people and the historic places in my eye. So, I am determined to learn . I like the hints I get from you, but I did read about the new classes you will be teaching online and you will be very busy. It will be both exciting but time consuming. So, I understand you may not be able to take care of other projects you love. I will miss your happy , positive comments and my coffee with the birds and your photos. Until I can say HELLO THERE ! Every now and then. My mentor and friend always in Mississippi… Irenadawn

  16. Victor- you are the hero walking through the courtyard today as you have it prepared . Especiacially, after flying on wings in the air to see all ants scrambling for help on the ground below wearing your special wings ! Did you fly over and deliver my books to MISSISSIPPI ?? IRECIEVED MY BOOKS TODAY AND THAT MADE A RATHER SAD DAY MUCH BETTER FOR ME!!! I wish you would put together another book soon. I alo wish I could see a show of your work as you had which was so unique! We respect our artist here like geniuses !!! Parties with artists are filled with laughter and music and of course exchanging of all types of ideas. Some fall through, but some do not. I have been asked twice to write books in collaboration with my art groups. Money is always an issue and sometimes timing. In out city in every nice restaurant or office you see art placed by locals and it is known to be for sell . Pottery, photographs, paintings, sculptures, very unique pices. We even have art in restaurants to support our local artists. Charities auction pieces for cancer, diabetes, heart disease , etc.. The association I belong to also teaches children and young adults art classes to give them confidence and pride in making things themselves. We have about 6 nice art galleries in just our little town and that is not counting the museums on the University. Well, I know you will stay busy. I hope that like one man said, ” to be happy is to just do what you love to do for your living everyday!” I hope this comes true for you . I think I will drink a little coffe now and enjoy my books. I wish they had your words with them. I have never heard your voice but I know it would be kind and full of laughter. Thank you , Victor

    1. Hey Irena ! happy to know that books are in your hands ! it very different to see the images on our monitors and to touch them and to have printed. my walls are full of BW prints – i have a lot remaining after a few exhibitions.
      I’m very short in time right now, but i still have to talk with you about the camera ( you asked me for advice, right ? )
      have a nice day and coffee and books touching.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply ! I was so excited! I now have to have my prints for my office. Yes , I do need a good starting camera. My parents are older and I want shots of the whole large family when they are doing routine things. My town is full of characters , and old buildings and I want to catch my memories before it grows to modern. Photography is beautiful way to do this as well as write. Thank you very much. Irena

    2. to shoot parents is great idea ! and i sure they will happy to know about this attention to them !
      i tried to say you before in replies – not ot buy prints from Deviantart but if you’re looking for something specific – this is the right place – http://www.redbubble.com/people/stran9e/portfolio/recent
      i can have any image for immediate print in a few minutes.
      i use this service a few years and know about their excellent quality.
      have a nice day

  17. 5/15/14 I like your night creature on his skateboard in the dark. You are flying high again ! On the roof. I was helping to premier a friends Kickstarter CD party today at a record store and later at at a little pub with great pasta!!! Everything went well. Do you like this site to photograph for the interesting geometric lines and angles or the light ? If this is evening , the light looks natural, not like a flash. This is all so amazing when you start to think about the actual clarity . Have a good day! Irena

  18. You have taken some excellent shots today! The Dead Sea was such a beautiful drive and sight and then the King of the world with your camera above all of us looking down and faraway! I like the new RebelMouse .com site you put together. My college mascot is a Rebel! Goodnight friend…Irena

  19. Victor- your beloved mother is who I assume the picture is above and I am crying with much compassion in my heart fo she looks so much like my MaMa my Mamma’s Mother whom died many years ago. It took my breath to see the picture of her wither head laying back just so. It is such a beautiful image from my little girl memories. She was always soft with lotion and the smell too. She would wear red lipstick because she had olive skin like me. I know you do not want to hear all of this . But I definitely want to buy a copy of this one. I just need to pick one to go with it. She is so beautiful in this light, so calm and you have taken a perfect picture here. Thank you . Irenadawn

  20. Victor- the shot you posted above in the wee hours of morning for me just now is perfect. I am sure you will have many grandchildren and beautiful friends all around to hear your stories that they will not fit in that small area!!! You are still a young healthy man to be labeling that lovely photograph so sadly! That is a chair for drinking coffee in the sunshine and petting the neighbors Fat Happy Cat. You spend time with him everyday and give him a tiny bit of milk before starting your day!!! :)))

  21. For your entry called Supernova on 5/7/14 . An awesome picture I never got to comment on. We have had many storms here lately. I watch the lightning and our skies light up blue in the background even at night. Maybe if I was further out it would be darker . Did you have to adjust a bit to get such great contrast? Or maybe it is because you are way across the other side of the world!!! HA! Sorry I know it is 1:10 AM on June 18 now and 9:10 AM on June 18th your time. So this is why I am always a day behind on posting replies . I just sometimes work really late. This is a poor sound edit but I really love the photo here. Is this what you would call a good composition? http://youtu.be/zccDVj0WTZ0

  22. 6/23/14 Victor – this photo is very nice . Even if just as you say a boundary and it locks you in. When I taught. The principle of my school told me children needed rules and boundaries to help make them feel safe and secure. Therefore , they had the fences and rules for children to follow not just for organization but to help them feel safe away from home when so young.
    I love the deep blue peeping in behind the clouds as the sunsets. It is so beautiful and strange to look at such beauty through bars.
    I am happy you will be getting a new lens to play with your friend Hasselblad! I can’t wait to see the pictures. What will the new lens do ? Well, you can tell me when you have time . I am still typing on stupid iPad right now. My new modem is not in yet . This is the third time this year it has been hit by lightning. The lightning is Amazing !!! It is storming again now. ” Riders on the Storm ” You ever here of Jim Morrison and The Doors. The keyboards sound like raindrops and Jim’s voice is as smooth and clear as water. Good night friend…

  23. Victor- the daily photo of blurred and worried look of Tel Aviv after all night battle of Israel trying so desperately to close dangerous tunnels from Gaza is a great shot. The whole city seems still surrounded by the thick smoke of the missiles and burning of buildings. I was very nervous watching all night on the news. It was good to get just a brief word from you to know all was well. Where are the rockets hitting that the dome does not intercept? That is what worries me?? My candle is still lit and I am still praying for peace and you and your family’s safety. I hope you knew no one on plane crash in Ukraine. I do know people in that area but no one I can thing that would be going to Malaysia. Try to rest … Dawn

  24. A FABULOUS DAY FOR A KITE! What a magnificent kite too! The picture is perfect. I feel the power of the wind and the sun is bright but you the ” warrior” control the light so the photo is absolutely clear . I love the composition and contrast to compare the height. A Rainbow flying in the sky is a good sign.

  25. Even Beer is short in supply? In WWI they would ration their food and ammo each day. As they did they rationed Rum and only 12 cigarettes . Of course the soldiers would trade and make bargains. Seems so sad now that I thing about it. The Rum and cigarettes were the only way to keep them calm. I wonder what our soldiers do now? Prayers …

  26. Victor ~ The click on 8/18/14 while taking the picture through the hole of plastic cup!!! HA!!! I found the shot very good. Now if that is how you really took such a good creative shot then the pictures I will begin to take should be brilliant or maybe I should empty a few of the cups of beer before my first official photo walk with my new Cannon. I have not been able to anything but keep my Daddy from doing things he is not supposed to do yet. The man will not be still and rest. His cancer was a very delicate operation around the thin skin of his bottom eyelid . The Doctor tried to patch some wiitn skin from side already, but he will have some skin grafts. But, they did get all of the cancer even though he may look like Frankenstein now. I should not say that because it is nothing to joke about. I have cried many tears. Thank you for being patient with my fears as here you are everyday in such terror. PLEASE do not think that you have been forgotten in my thoughts in prayers. I pray and hope you and your loved ones are save always. you send me wonderful stories in faces and lovely children who smile. I hope to cheer you by sending you pictures of smiling faces soon… PEACE

  27. hey Victor. i’m enjoying your work. i like your perspective and the fact that you take chances with the ordinary and make them extraordinary. i like the ‘ordinary family’ concept and look forward to the new work. JT

    1. this daily photo project was conceived for the only ordinary moments and subjects but i enjoyed it so much and find like most interesting for me to find something that my eyes love to stop the run and i want to stop and to bring my camera to the light.
      thank you for the kind comment. Ordinary family project is what i working these days and hope to bring it later in the post of my blog !

    1. thank you for the kind words Sam ! this page is about photography and everyday moments of life as is. not updated daily but i’m trying to be in line 🙂

  28. Hey Victor! your pictures are awesome. The “like” button doesn’t show, i guess it’s because it has been massively used. Keep shooting. I look forward to looking at more of your work. Tulio

    1. Hey Tulio ! My wordpress is installed stand alone on different from WordPress dot com server so there are some problems to like or to comment from app. But thank you for taking a look and such beautiful words !!

    1. Hey Chris ! i really understand you. some ppl love to get email notifications about my new posts, some people just add to their RSS readers. the follow button worked very well until the last update of wordpress mobile app. i hope that they will back our useful functions but right now i even can’t reply to the comment on App. thank you for the kind words and taking a look !

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