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i have to confess that i went through a long way from digital to film photography.
it’s sounds strange but there is a right time for everything.

my first steps in analogue were with a plastic Holga 120GN camera, that i purchased on eBay and Kodak Duaflex ii from the local photostore.
the Duaflex i put to the shelf of collection immediately after the first roll. i wanted something vintage and old but this optic was too much vintage for what i guessed to get. holga is absolutely different story. impossible to not to fall with love with this lightweight cutie.

my next handsome Pentax Spotmatic F i got as gift and after the not difficult repair i started to take BW negatives and colorful slides using Asahi 50mm f1.4 sharp as a blade lens.

my special love i purchased in 2012 (not sure if it’s right to use this word when i’m talking about real friend) – Hasselblad 500cm with Planar 80mm lens. this acquisition prompted me to learn the process of developing in my small homemade “laboratory”.

another gift (yes – i’m so lucky bastard) i got from my friends (hey friends – you know how i love you and not because of this gift for sure) Horizon 202 is 35mm swing-lens panoramic camera, new version of the the Horizont camera, produced in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. images produced by this camera are looooooooooooong, but still 24-25 on the 36 frames film.

and my last analogue friend is Ricoh GR1s – high-end of 90s camera as i wanted to have for situations when i need something small or have no ability to take with me my heavier gear.

dark_life_of_three_trees dark_life_of_three_trees

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  1. I’ve seen some pictures from Geneva (Place du Cirque, I believe) are you around often, or just passing by? I leave in Geneva by the way.

    1. Good to know ! i visited my friend who is living in Geneva and stayed there for a 5 days ! really enjoyed this beautiful city and places around !

  2. Nice pictures! Always not trivial, very well composed.
    Just a couple of notes:
    1) [TECH] You don’t specify (or at least I have not read about) if these are scans from film or from print. In the latter case, which type of paper you use.
    2) Maybe a “trait d’union” (thread) between images is lacking. Are them from a specific project? Is there something special that you would like to express?

    1. hi Nicola ! thank you for taking a look and your notes !
      I’ll add ll technical details in future, i still working in my site in endless dynamic reconfiguration and redesign. I still have a lot to add to to finish not only in “Analog” album
      in a few words – I use Hasselblad 500cm with Planar 80mm lens and variable 120 film for my works. Last year i learned to develop at home and fully obsessed with chemicals processes! I scan my negatives with Epson V500 to the digital RAW files and only have to correct a bit my files in Lightroom – small contrast/brightness edit.
      about the theme. I’m in the middle of my learning process and still far from to think about projects, but my perception of environment is always was my favorite theme.

  3. sorry, i’m late on these symmetry images of yours…..your hasselblad is a fine piece of euipment, only it seems to fit you well.i love it!

    1. Hi Mary ! not sure if you’re late ! celebration of symmetry still in action ! thank you very much.

  4. I definitely love the surroundings of this whole album and I have not really had time to enjoy it as much as some of the others. I do always like the pictures that you take with your friend Hasselblad very much. Every time you say you use this camera the pictures display a nostalgic mood with silence and calmness about. As though everything is at peace. I know you say the lighting is key to get some of that hazy , sleepy look as though you are dreaming. I love it!

  5. Hi Victor, I am so excited to see you have acquired a Hasselblad. There is something so fantastic about shooting film again, isn’t there? I especially love the posing kid and urban cowboy shots. But of course as I’m keen on people photography. Love the backlit street too. Lines, showcase, skin, birds bazaar, details of the morning. There are so many wonderful photos here. Beautiful job, Victor.

    1. hI Hanna ! thank you for taking your look and so kind words ! Hasselblad is my special love and i trying to be in the right tempo and to develop one roll every week. The big step was to start to develop BW film at home. About the people – i’m still a bit easy with portraits on film, i want to feel myself more sure with my results. Thank you again, i’ll write with more details by email !
      Have a great day

  6. oooh! Bezrukov,mientras miro tus fotos rueda Creedence “have you ever seen the rain”..bella mezcla de imágenes blanco y negro,melancolía y música.. gracias por tan bello post.

  7. Images taken with Hasselblad are my favorite! They are by far the best. Ok, a friend is trying to start me with analog first . I can purchase a used Lecia older model and lens kit for $1000 US dollars and purchase lab kit to get started. He said he thinks I am capable with all my reading and knowledge and help. I am nervous because of no control of outcome. He has to help me from afar and can only come in every now and again to help develop. BODEGAYF2 is the one who suggests Lecia and my professional friend is a long time generation of photographers. Victor you know me . I am a tech flunky ! Will I take on too much or should I just do the Canon? I am leaning towards the Cannon. Hate to bother . Hope all is well. I pray and I try to be strong in faith not to worry. Be safe. Our President is an idiot an who knows we may have another horrible incident here now.

  8. Victor – I have been trying so hard to upload some how on my computer an album with my Canon Rebel but I found I need a better scanner and a better iPhoto program . So I too a few pics with my new Iphone6 camera in my wooded area around my yard . I think I even posted it wrong because I first found some flicker faves and old pics. Finally , I think I have a small album to share. IT IS COMPLETELY UNEDITED !!! So be nice. I was just looking for unusual lighting and shadows focusing on things that I had not really noticed without a camera eye. I tried shadows and contrasting on leaves and trees and looked at ways to get something different. Am I going about these first efforts starting right ? I know you are busy . If you do not have time I know. I may try one edit and see what they look like in B/ W. You are so busy and doing so well ! Valerie asked me to try her simple objects challenge just to practice . But , Victor you are so good and I am just starting . Do you know someone I can ask about equipment for my printer scanner and software ? Miss your guidance ! But I will make it … I want you to succeed so very much !

  9. I still have my blog under construction ! I am changing to a better theme ! I will let you know how difficult !!! HA! I was thinking you might like to do so to with all the great photographic themes ! Get someone to help you and it may Refresh your world of followers . Not butting in … Some marketers just say change is good after a while . I wish I was closer to help! You are a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER AND FRIEND . You are also my inspiration and teacher as well as many others !!!

  10. Loved many of these. The composition of the old adobe building in the harvested field is my favorite, I think. I’m also fond of the birds off the wires and the very last shot of the empty lane. All beautiful with a wandering feeling about them.

  11. Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t come across this till now. The Hasselblad is a special camera that gets one involved in the photo taking process. I enjoyed the very fine images in this collection!

    1. Thank you very much! As said before i have many negatives still waiting for the scanning process. I just have a lot and not sure how to post and what to do with all the stuff. Posting on Facebook is beings a little bit “empty” of reason and motivation. So the right way for me is to post here in this site so i only working on visibility. But in whole – i love the process of the slow shoting with medium format and meditative process of film developing. So its really ok to leave all as is ;-))

      1. Hey Victor, I’m way behind you! I have ten rolls still waiting to be developed! Haven’t been able to get to them, due to a lack of time. As you know, sometimes working on one blog post could take up half the night. Medium Format film is truly the best for our efforts of development and scanning, much better than the typical 35mm negs. Keep up the great work!

        1. I will think about. I made 2 books some time ago and used them as gift for my friends. Actually i found that some 50-60cm good quality printed work is more likeble for people especially when i know exactly what they want to have and to hang.

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