first time in Barcelona


first time in Barcelona


i had heard a lot but could not even guess how fresh, bright and young may be this city. as usual, when i come to visit some new and far for me place, I always ask myself this question – what is the purpose of my visit? to visit a famous museums and popular places? to enjoy a walks in the corners of the local nature? night clubs, seashores, bars and pubs, shopping centers and gardens?

I think that my special interest is the life of locals in places of my visits. i don’t travel much. but if i’m going spend a few days of my life in some new for me place – i want to understand just a little bit how is to be local. to go to places where my camera is unique. to ask the questions and may be to get the answers on the understandable language or on understandable to everybody language of hands and expressions of faces. in other words – to get lost, as my friend usual says. and i got lost. i got lost in my feelings to you – Barcelona.



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  1. Barcelona – is definitely the place to go !!! It seems every photo you shot here is so alive with energy of this wonderful city ! The action in each picture is electric!!! I want to GOOOOO…,. A great album . The third picture up from the left with the little boy hurrying to keep his pace with his Daddy, or whomever is adorable. Reminds me of : ME AND MY SHADOW !

  2. I love this Album from Spain! I have regained access to WordPress !! Yay ! Now I can enjoy your lovey pictures and praise you too! The trip was a good one !

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