12 Replies to “Worldwide Photowalk 2013 – Israel”

  1. How Nice for you, that you came out of your box , just a bit, Victor. …it’s such a surprise to see how many perspective’s you get…from the same sujects shots are quite good in contrast and attention….I’m happpy for you…seems like a success. ..be well. ..another thing, my father was fisherman, do those captures here are especially nice….

    1. Hey Mary !
      actually i have a few boxes and just walking from one to another :-))
      thank you for taking a look ! great to know about your memories !

  2. Hey Victor, so nice to see all your shots from the Photowalk here in one album. Great captures from the seaside and streetlife. Seems you had a lot of fun. all my best wishes…and enjoy Your several boxes 🙂

    1. Hey Axel ! thank you for the feedback ! i also love to see these works like album more then every single image..

  3. Hi Guys, I want to ask how can I get information about the photowalk. I’d like to know more so I can share the photowalks with you all.

  4. היי ויקטור
    אין לי הרבה לומר – פשוט מהמם יפה מיוחד
    אפילו התמונה שלך מכסה עין ומביט בשנייה – מיוחדת
    אומנות זה שם המשחק שלך
    תמשיך להצליח
    מאירה – מ. ארקין

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