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  1. Victor- the people are cooperating like puppets on strings for your camera and charm. You have them laugh or smile for you in light and some you have pose among both light and shadow angles to give the person a mysterious look! They are all like clay in your hands behind your lens . Except my favorite you catch by chance, the small children carefully holding hands as chained together in love walking down the stairs. Oh , children are so natural and spread their light and joy everywhere!!! I love these people in Anogia.

    Victor – please forgive me for my messy blog. I decided to leap into the water and try to test this blogging stuff to see if I can be the real me online with my words and not scare people by my writing. I have been making small steps to try to feel truly free and courageous to accept suggestions freely from anyone . I am finding that technically. There is so much I need to know to express myself the way I would like. It may be awhile as you say to learn . Am I boring, am I wrong, am I understood??? You know like you with your photos. Do you see the light expressing joy? Do you like the contrast in the shadows leading your eyes in many confusing directions making you feel excited?

    I am testing to see what people think to keep learning in the right directions. I love to learn and everyone has something they can give as a gift in life experience.

    I am starting from this point , ” Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? I want to get to this point ” The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are !”

    But , right now I think I am about right here: ” People will hate you, rate you, and break you. But how Strong you Stand is what makes you !!! I am building my COURAGE!!! ”

    I hope you understand me friend as I try to write and also enjoy your WARRIOR COURAGE OF SHADOW AND LIGHT!!! Will you give me feedback about my wrting and my blog if you can every now and then? Or just direct me? I respect you very much. Thank you! Dawn 🙂

    1. Thank you for this observation and notes Irena ! the idea of this album and whole walk in Anogia was contact with people. to talk with them and to listen to the long stories. and here the result of the beautiful cooperating with my lens people. I have plans to return back there and to take the classic portraits of them. one day i will do it. and of course to bring them the printed copy of what i took last time.
      About your blog. i follow you not because of “follow back” or something, never play this game. I wanted to have your blog in my wordpress timeline to read from time to time when i come there to check my friends posts.
      thank you again !

      1. That is so very thoughtful of you to wish to bring your photos taken of people back to them. That means so much to people. As they say a picture captures a special emotion in time and when you look upon it again , you will feel that same moment all over. That is the magical gift of a photographer. I am so sorry for writing so much to you the other evening. I spilled over my soul as I spilled over with wine from a poetry and art festival I had attended. Oops ! Bad things for a person to do to try to write when you have been drinking and thinks about your future are in your mind. I totally placed you in an uncomfortable position. You are my photographer friend with a giving soul whom I love to follow and learn from your craft. I admire and respect you Victor and I am so sorry for interrupting you in my disrespectful way. Please enjoy your day! Forgive me my friend . Sincerely, iren

        1. Hi Irena !
          no worries, i really can understand your expression, especially after some wine :-))
          take care,

  2. Victor- I have been looking at these lovely people in this album in Anogia again. This is in Greece or Crete right? The people look that decent and the scenery. I noticed one thing and then I must do some work. in the 8th picture up on the left above the children, there is a lady with a cart and clothes hanging above or beside. Look at the wheels closely. They form peace signs. Isn’t that Awesome!!! Of course you already knew this I am sure.

  3. haha ! great exploration ! you know – the small things are everywhere around us and always there are signs and geometrical figures:-)

  4. Wonderful photos here, Victor. You have done a marvelous job. I can see you take the time to speak to people, they are comfortable with you. And you also have the decisive moment in the others. Great shots, all of them. I especially love the children on the stairs. Your eye has created magic, beautiful work.

    1. I see that you found yet the right happy people. Most of them wanted to be photographerld even no one know english so was difficult to understand each other.

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