Geneva streets

Geneva streets

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  1. Me siguen gustando mucho tus bicicletas, tambien los personajes en movimiento.Felicidades por tu nuevo trabajo.

    1. Hi Garnet ! thank you !
      what do you looking for ? framed print ? photographic print without frame ? poster ?

  2. I have not seen some of these pictures. Have you added? Still very good work as usual. My G+ site was not working right yesterday. Every time I get on G+ to check in people say horrible things to me. I try to stay calm, although I have spoken out to their ignorance once or twice. I will not let them get to me . Anger and violence only makes more anger and violence. I did see the upsetting pictures you posted of your beloved Mother in such a terrible situation . I know , what more can you do but live as safely as you can ? I have been anxious to know that your Mother and other family was ok. Thank you for the picture. The shot of the missile being that close to you fired from the air is amazing and it was a blessing it did not harm anyone . I am so very sorry you and your family and friends are going through this, Victor. I am praying for PEACE constantly. It seems the people in most countries , even mine now are under the thumb of circumstances beyond our control. I just look for a word from you each day as truth and trust no one else. Please be safe … I am praying… Dawn

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