behind the scenes project – how to shoot it


behind the scenes project - how to shoot it

it takes some time to understand the rules of the new places and out of comfort zone situation. same thing happened to me when i tried myself in the "behind the scenes" project for the full-lenght movie. the movie was filmed in the center of my country at the abandoned territory of the old chemical plant. i freed a few workdays for this project and spent time with the staff, felt like filmmaker (or something like this) and took a few hundreds images with the goal to create a real story from the set.

there is a significant difference in documenting a usual lifetime events and documenting the filming. And there are rules.. i hate this fact (and this word) but they do exist !   #1 be fast like cheetah. things are changing very fast around the set. usually the staff is very busy and concentrated, so no one will notice you about the interesting moment that you're going to miss in a few next seconds. #2 be silent. the clicks of the camera during the set, when the sensitive booms are around you, can angering director, producer or the sound engineer and your dream about successful story will melts forever. #3 have all your gear with you. I used my everyday 5dmkII camera and had with me three prime fast lens for different situations or moods which I wanted to express. btw, even if you bring with you a few lens, don't move from one to another too often, try to know your sweet spot and exactly the place where you should be for the most effective composition. #4 have a long lens with you exactly for the moments of shootings where you can be far from the scene but still able to take a picture. #5 have a wide angle lens for a moments between shootings. Just wait for the "cut" signal or take the snaps of the working scene before the "action" outcry - you can be close as possible and to have everything inside your frame. #6 have a wide aperture lens for the low light condition situation - frequently the shootings continue during the dark part of the day and would be a shame to remain without the ability to shoot. #7 be ready for some critique even if you did not ask about it. #8 bring the story ! not the narration of the film - all this the audience will watch during the screening of the film. bring the story from the set. Expression, emotions and boiling life of the scene!

today i want to show my documenting of the night shootings. as i said before - everything is changing very quickly, therefore ISO3200 was necessary for this part of the project. Facebook page of the movie : ""     land_of_the_little_people_1       land_of_the_little_people_2       land_of_the_little_people_3       land_of_the_little_people_4       land_of_the_little_people_5       land_of_the_little_people_6       land_of_the_little_people_7       land_of_the_little_people_11       land_of_the_little_people_9       land_of_the_little_people_10       land_of_the_little_people_8    

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  1. Victor- such a great experience ! These shots show all work and no play here. Just as you say , by the rules , these pictures refect this part of the filming. Many on my Facebook page have been following you and the movie page. I don’t know how much you look there, but I like the picture album you have on your notes page. It is very AWESOME! Today is first day I have been on computer for 3 days. I have had bad migraine headaches I can’t get rid of. I just checked my Facebook Page to say Happy Birthday to a friend. Now I must get off again. I have medication but have to rest my eyes. Too much reading and writing. I need too say something to friends on G+ but it hurts to just type this. I wanted to say to you , be safe friend and God bless, it looks like it will be a long while of this awful hatred. Be safe and watch over your beloved family and friends.

  2. First of all my friend is your safety! Thanks for putting it together for me…I’m old schooled in btw…now, Victor , im ready to place all my attention to this passion….ive asked one other photographer for help and never mentioned the lens which I believe the most important in projects and sights at that particular moment. …thank you….your pics are sharp and detailed. ..always stay well, Victor. ..I so worry for your nation….

    1. Hi Mary ! thank you for taking your look and commenting here !
      to choose the RiGHT lens is not too simple job, the best way is to try every Focal Point with the goal to know which exactly is working for you for every specific situation and kind of photography.
      may be try to read in serious sources of information :

      the last one is more technical but better for understanding !
      good luck

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