first roll of Fomapan

first roll of Fomapan

   I’m a lucky bastard (I said that already??). For the first time i managed to load the exposed film onto the reel just in a few seconds. The Fomapan is very thin and flexible, not like Kodak 100TMX – this one is real headache and i always get angry during every loading of the last into the reel. For this roll i used D-76 for developing – just 11 min of the 1+1 Dilution. 6 min of Kodak Professional Fixer was quite enough (i find this time by trying to hold the small piece of this film in the fixer – some kind of the lakmus-test with a timer in my hand). Looks like great combination for the high contrasts which i got in this light condition and direction. More analog works coming soon.

backlit_street film photography, medium format taken with Hasselblad 500cm, Planar 80mm, Fomapan 100


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  1. Victor- it looks as though the delicate procedure of loading the Fomapan film paid off!!! The images are clear the light is bouncing everywhere in sync with great shadows to creat another great image . I am starting to learn certain photographic film terms. I did have one film class in college, but it was on cinema . The professor did show us different styles of film used in creating effects in the presentations. He even pointed out some of the camera lenses used. I am remembering this now as I listen to your techniques.
    You are a Lucky Bastard!!! Dawn

  2. I adore your bw photos and play with light. And I am quite jealous of you playing with film and developing it. Did you know I was taught work in a dark room as a teen ager? LOVED it.
    Keep up your good work. It’s exciting to see where photography is taking you. The sky is the limit.

    1. Hey Aino ! huge thank you for the kind words..! Developing is like meditation and cooking ! I’m focusing on the action, not answering to phone calls, counting minutes and agitation turns !

  3. i must agree with Aino…that is how i learnt so many years ago….fine quality in your captures…i love the dark in the darkness jumping at any light available….super technique….be well… victor….

  4. Plastic reels? Use a hair-dryer on the reels for a minute to make sure they’re as dry as can be and the film will fly onto the reels. I only started to use Fomapan 100 and 400 myself last year and was happily impressed with the results.

    1. Hi ! thank you very much for your recommendation ! even always there are a few days between the developing days ( i always develope only one roll per day) i’ll try to dry the reels for to be sure.
      and yes – Fomapan is really nice choice !

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